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Cosmetic dentistry


The smile you've always dreamed of is within reach.

To bring back their luster to your natural teeth a whitening can be done at home, with plastic plates fit to your teeth, performed by the laboratory technician.
This is appropriate and sufficient for the majority of patients.

Another technique, carried out by our hygienist is recommended in some more difficult cases of deep stains, devitalized teeth or stained by antibiotics.
Our hygienist is at your service to assist you if you have any question about teeth whitening.

the smile of a "star" is possible to achieve with composite veneers laser treated, for a highly aesthetic surface that give excellent results.

Finally a treatment for a radical change in the long term is to achieve facets called Ceramic Veneers, made ​​by our laboratory technician, customizable at will, then sealed on the teeth surfaces.

Do not hesitate to inquire, we will be happy to give you all the information you need.