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Dental tariff

Treatments cost

Point Treatment value in our office is set at frs 3.30 for all patients


The value of the treatment point in our office is set to CHF 1.08 Dentotar rate, since january 2019


In Switzerland a number of points were assigned to each of the 500 dental interventions

Each service provided, appears individually on the invoice fees.

To arrive at an amount in francs, the number of points must be multiplied by the point value (CHF 1.08)

For social insurance, the point value is currently CHF 3.10

This billing system through a number of points multiplied by a value of the point is not only common in the medical field, but also required by law to cases covered by insurance.

Since january 2024 the point Treatment value in our clinic is set at CHF 1.08 for all our patients