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Gum disease prevention


Gum diseases are the main cause of dental loss in adults.

There is a genetic predisposition to these diseases but it is an infectious disease due to bacteria.

The dental plaque is this layer of bacteria that thrive on and between your teeth and triggers gum disease.

The first stage of gum disease is called gingivitis , and it is completely reversible with a simple scaling and a thorough cleaning of the teeth.

Gingivitis is often painless and can go unnoticed by the patient, hence the necessity of regular dental checks.

Gingivitis Complication is in the form of an attack and a damage of the supporting tissues of the tooth, the bone and the ligament, it is called the periodontosis.

Left untreated, periodontal disease leads to mobility and to the loss of teeth.

Treatments can range from scaling and deep scaling to gum surgery, called periodontal surgery .

The teaching of the tooth brushing techniques and of dental plaque control, patient motivation, and regular checks are indispensable conditions for the success of any periodontal treatment.