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Tooth decay prevention


Caries is an infectious disease of bacterial origin and some people are more genetically predisposed than others to this problem.

Two things that you can influence:

  • First is the intake of sugar that bacteria transform into acid and use to attack and teeth
  • secondly, decreasing the number of bacteria by brushing.

You should space at least 4H between sugar consuming,to leave enough time to the teeth to "recover" from the effects of acids taken before.

A gentle and well performed non traumatic brushing decreases the amount of bacteria, and thus caries risk.


More Recommendations

  • Wait at least 1H after drinking or eating acidic food before brushing your teeth to allow time for your teeth to re mineralize and resist better.
  • Limit acidic intake to meal times to reduce the number of acid attacks.
  • The sugar free chewing-gum after meals helps you to salivate and neutralize acids in the mouth.
  • Milk or cheese at the end of the meal neutralizes the acidity of the mouth.